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Stop Making Me Feel Bad

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This one came to me after a particularly exhausting couple-month-long encounter with a guy who chased me and chased me, and then proceeded to act like a weird, distant jerk for no particular reason when I finally gave him some attention. It made me feel sad and dumb and worthless and I really wished I had a badge to remind me it was his fault, not mine.

But you know, it could be applied to so many situations. Everybody on instagram has better eyebrows than you? People getting thousands of notes on their selfies but in reality they are terrible people? Your boss overlooking you? Your parents judging you?
Tell em:

Hand drawn and sealed with an enamel varnish.
Brooch measures approx 3.4cm in diameter.

This pin is made to order, so you will receive one like the one pictured. Because they are handmade, there may be slight differences in size and detail from one to the next.